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The official guide to BattleFly Colosseum.
BattleFly is currently in: Season 3

Game Guide

This Game Guide includes instructions and information regarding only the Colosseum game. To learn more about the BattleFly Network as a whole including Flywheel, the BattleFly Treasury, BattleFly DAO, non-game NFTs and other BattleFly Network games, please review the BattleFly Network Documentation:
Welcome to BattleFly
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The Intelligence War consumed us all. We couldn’t see past our own greed, losing our humanity to the machines. Billions dead, planets destroyed. They say wars have winners and losers but that's a lie. Everyone loses in war, some just lose less than others. Now only remnants of us remain on Dexa, worlds away from where we came from in the city of gods, Fallon Guard. We may have found our humanity through the bloodshed, but we didn’t lose our lust for blood. Here at Fallon Guard lies the Colosseum. What’s left of the A.I. we created then fought, are these BattleFlys. Capable, intelligent machines that we imprison for sport.
I’m Razorfin Deadstar, BattleFly operator and 10x champion of the Colosseum: No Way Out Competition. Do you have what it takes to compete, here on Dexa? As they say, to the victor goes the spoils, and there is plentiful Nectar to go around.
Welcome to BattleFly Colosseum.

What is BattleFly Colosseum?

BattleFly Colosseum is a live dynamic draft tournament where players compete to assemble the ultimate fighting machine. Build a unique BattleFly each tournament from hundreds of Mods, using synergy and counterplay to crush your opponents.
Players can choose between the low-stakes Casual game mode or the higher-stakes Competitive game mode.

Casual Colosseum

Players enter with 1 MAGIC or 500 Nectar and can win up to 1 Mod Pack Credit + 1 Casual Colosseum Credit + 500 Nectar.

Competitive Colosseum

Players enter with 5 MAGIC and can win up to 17.5 MAGIC + 1 Mod Pack Credit.
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